NoMachine – A remote desktop client for Ubuntu

Fastlala: NoMachine is a great remote desktop client for everybody that can be used to connect any computer remotely over the internet.

How to install

Download packge from below links:
Click Here

Run cd ~/Downloads
Run sudo dpkg -i nomachine_4.3.30_1_i386


Search for ‘nomachine’ from dash.
Or, Applications -> Internet -> NoMachine

How to uninstall NoMachine

To uninstall run below command from terminal:
sudo dpkg -r nomachine

Official Website


Here is a step-by-step guide to the required settings for the NoMachine software:

Step 1: New connection

Start the NoMachine software. If you have previously used another NX client you may find that NoMachine is already configured to connect to the Informatics NX hosts. If not, you will probably see a welcome screen like this:

Failing that, click “New”.


Step 2: SSH

Change the Protocol to SSH, then click Continue.

NoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlala

Step 3: hostname

Enter the name of the NX server. Most people will enter Staff, visitors and research postgrads can also choose Having done that, click Continue.NoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlala

Step 4: Use the NoMachine loginNoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlala

Select “Use the NoMachine login” then click Continue.

Step 5: Download the server key

Switch back to this web browser and download the nxclient keyfile to a file. You should end up with a file called nxclient.id_rsa.key.

Step 6: Install the server key

Switch back to NoMachine. Select “Use an alternate server key” and enter the name and location of the key file which you just downloaded. Having done that, click Continue.

NoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlala

Step 7: Don’t use a proxy

Choose “Don’t use a proxy” then click Continue.

NoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlala

Step 8: Name

Give a name to your connection. You may want to call it after the NX server, as in the picture below. Finally click Done.

NoMachine -A remote desktop client -techlalaOnce the key file has been imported it is no longer required and you must delete it. We may occasionally replace the key, in which case all users will be notified of the need to update their key.

Click To enter your DICE username and password

How to Disable NoMachine Server

Preferences -> connection ->turnoff


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