New LiFi Technology 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi


you know many times you frustrated over a slow internet connection? Chances are you probably associate with the need for a faster internet connection. The answer is LiFi.

Lifi wil boost your internet experience browsing experience. At the University of Edinburgh is also the co-founder of pure LiFi Ltd said: “For several years, Haas has been studying ways to communicate electronic data signals and design better ways to transmit them wirelessly”.

In a video in 2011, Haas demonstrated a technique to do away with the dependence on spectrum and also conserve energy by using light.

 Working Diagram of LiFi



The technique demoed by Harald Haas now been specialized to deliver data transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps, which is approximately 100 times faster than the currently available Wi-Fi technologies.

Similarly optical technologies have been employed with Gpon or Gigabit Passive Optical Network which aimed to deliver a gigabit worth of bandwidth of data over an optical fiber network. It is in line with these initiatives that projects such as Google Fiber took off and became a reality.

The advantages highlighted by Haas in his Talk certainly highlight the need for newer ways to transmit data. Considering that the visible spectrum of light opens up 10000 times more bandwidth for data transmission, this could solve the problem of a lack of spectrum that currently plagues the telecommunications and wireless internet industry.



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