How 10 Big Companies Got Names

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Virgin is a private limited conglomerate company founded by Richard Branson in 1970. Consist of more than 400 companies worldwide and best known for its travel, entertainment and lifestyle area.  The name was suggested by friend of founder who claimed they were complete virgins at business. Today, the net worth of Virgin Group is $22 Billion.



Adidas is a multinational corporation founded by Adolf Dassler. The company is best known for its footwear and sports equipment. It has total revenue of $20 Billion and 46,500 employees. Adidas is taken from the nickname of founder Adolf Adi Dassler. His brother Rudolf Rudi Dassler went on to found his own shoe company called Ruda now a days it known as Puma.



eBay is a consumer to consumer corporation founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. It is a part of Echo Bay Technology Group. The Domain Name was already taken by mining company based on Echo Bay and hence registered as in short The first item sold on the web was a broken laser pointer for $14.83.


4 amazon

Amazon born in 1995. Jeff Bezosleft his job (who was vice president of D.E Shaw) and began to work on a business plan that became

He started with the list of 20 products (electronic devices Computer hardware, Video, Books etc.) that can be sold online. Later he decided to sell only books on the internet. meant to represent the potential of larger volume sales in an online bookstore as compared to physical bookstore.

The symbol contains the A to Z with Smile ON



Audi is an automobile and motorcycle company founded by August Horch. The name is actually taken from its founder only, Latin for Horch. August was banned for using Horch (by German Supreme Court) as a brand name in his new car business. He called his friend to decide the new name. One of his friend’s sons was quietly studying Latin in the room and blurted out“  audiatur et altera pars “. In German horch means to hear and audire means to listen in Latin. Audi is the singular form of audire and that’s how they accepted the name Audi.


6 sony

Sony is a multinational company founded by Masaru Ibukaand Akio Morita. The brand name choosen from the Latin word  “Sonus “  which means sound.

They selected because “SONY” could be pronounced easily in many languages.  In 1946 company had $530 and a total of 8 employees and now $152 Billion. Yup…

Google began as a research project of two PhD Students Larry page and Sergey Brin. They originally nicknamed their engine BackRub because searching process is based on the backlinks present on the pages. Typically they changed the name to Google, which is originating from the word Googol (equal to 10100).Recently google changed its branding /logo.  Google has over 900 Million unique visitors per month and total revenue of $94 billion.


IBM logo

IBM(International Business machine)is an international company that manufactures and markets computer software and hardware, hosting. Also consulting service ranging from nanotechnology to mainframe computers. The company was founded on 16th July 1911 by Thomas J. Watsonand Charles RanlettFlint. After leaving a national cash register Thomas Watson oneup former employers by calling his company International Business Machines.



Apple sells Computer software, hardware and consumer electronics. The company is best known for its Mac and iPod and iPhone products founded by Steve jobsand Steve Woazniak.  Jobs suggested the name Apple Computer after his visit to apple Orchard (kind of commune). Apple was so much better than any other name they could think of.


Microsoft-brand logo-

Microsoft is a software giant company with $142 Billion Assets, best known for its Windows operating system and Microsoft office tools. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allenin 1975. The word Microsoft (without hyphen) was first suggested by Gates on 26 November 1975 and the name became a registered trademark in 1976. Actually the name is derived from two words MicrocomputerSoftware


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