10 Reasons why linux is best OS

This is the best part that it’s a free, yes you read it correct its “FREE” unde GNU licence

You may think that free= low quality. “Totally False” it’s a highly secure and compatible OS. Considering apple , apple’s OS comes with its hardware i.e. laptop tablet and phone. They include cost of OS in hardware itself. But the Linux mostly supports all harware vendors out there.

Windows require antivirus as a saline for patient but Linux don’t require any installation of antivirus. Because all viruses with .exe cant execute in Linux kernel. This format doesn’t execute in linux.


Some flavors of linux gives you awesome GUI. One of them is ubuntu. Really attractive OS, feels awesome on 4K screen and light weight.


Some people out there always say that linux is hard to use because these people are touchy with windows and are used to its GUI.

I also agree that new area is little bit hard, but once you enter in it, it becomes handy.With the time linux has evolved and growing it beats windows OS.Once acquainted with it you might very well start enjoying & playing around it.


It’s a free stable versatile. You can modify the actual OS as per your requirements, that means open source-ness. ‘It says I am flexible’.


Most of OS runs on “One size fit all” benchmark. When you talk about linux there are different versions that you can further customize to suite your need. For example if you’re a gamer you can move some packages for DJ to gamer level. Other OS fail to do this.


Just like android has “Google play store”, linux has its own software store, just search and install – everything is free. Linux recommend compatible software for you automatically


You don’t need to wait one year/8 months for updates and mean time struggling with existing app or trying to fix it for some period.

Yup… you can get short updates or one at a time by command  apt-get update /apt-get upgrade

& it doesn’t require restarting computer again and again


YES, your work is done. When Windows finish installation next step is of driver installation, that needs to download drivers which are compatible with you model of computer hardware aand software, search it download it and install.

But in linux its done automatically.


You are never alone in problem, there is a linux community out there to always help you to solve the problems. There is forum to find out various solutions.


logo-ubuntu_st_ tchlala.com

Those are 10 reasons enough to shift in linux + saves your antivirus cost +linux server can handle 1000’s of users at a time in a reliable manner. If you which flavor is best? – I’II recommend “go with ‘ubuntu’ “because this is my personal favourite flavour.



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