5 Hidden features Google Drive

However Google Drive’s interface can trick you into thinking what you see is all you get. But it’s actually packed with powerful productivity features that doen’t appear easily to you

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Normally when you upload a file to Google Drive, you just go & hit the big red new button, select File upload, and then navigate the folders on your computer to grab the file you need.

This probably takes time.

Here’s a simpler way: Just drag the file(s) from PC into your Google Drive file list. Google’s drag-and-drop icon will appear and you’ll see a progress bar showing you the upload status.

Bookmark “quick creation” links

Here’s another cool feature that doesn’t require you to open Google Drive.

If you want to create a new word document, spreadsheet, or slideshow, you can do it from any browser window by using “quick creation” links. Drag the following links to your browser toolbar, and click the appropriate one whenever you want to start a new project:

Search by sender option

Sometimes you are working on a number of shared documents simultaneously. It may be confusing to keep track of your shared files, so here is a way which makes it easy. Type the collaborator’s name or email address in Drive’s search bar, and within seconds you’ll have a list of every document you’re collaborating with which user.

Convert PDFs and images into text

Remember the OCR(Optical Character Reader) technology you saw in Hollywood movies. I know that’s cool and blah blah blah. The same feature is provided by Google Drive to convert non-text documents like images and PDFs into editable text.

You can convert a PDF into editable text just by opening it as a Google Doc. Pretty easy, just like that.

Right-click on the file you want to convert.

select Open with > Google Docs.

A new browser tab will be opened with an image or PDF within a document surrounded by a blue border with the raw text beneath.

Resize the blue border to capture only the text you requre, and then use any of Docs tools to edit and format it.

When you’re done, delete the original image/PDF from the tab and save the new text document.



Upload doc to Google Drive where you can translate and save it as a new document in your preferred language

In the global nature of business today, you may find yourself occasionally working with documents written in another language. You could cut and past the text into the Google Translate web tool. But a better way is to upload it to Google Drive where you can translate and save it as a new document in your preferred language.

Once the document is uploaded, right-click on it and select Open with > Google Docs.

Once it’s open, go to the Tools menu and click Translate document.

Choose a language from the dozens of options in the drop-down menu, click the translate button, and Voila! (That’s French for “there you are.”)

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