Top 10 Best Web Browser in The World

  1. Deepnet Explorer


Deepnet Explorer founded by Deepnet Security London, UK in 2004 is first anti phishing web browser in the world. Deepnet Explorer comes with RSS news reader and P2P client integration in it. The most recent version available is 1.5.3 (BETA 3) released in October 2006. Developers of Deepnet Explorer claimed that this browser is more secure than Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is also Internet Explorer base web browser.  Security and customizable behavior of Deepnet Explorer makes it world’s 9th best web browser.


  1. Avant Browser

10 avanat browser

Avant browser Launched in 2004, It is Internet Explorer based web browser known for its stability and zoom function up to 500%. Avant Browser was world’s most downloaded web browser in 2007. It is user friendly IE8 based interface. Avant Browser also support multi-tabbed browsing with great speed. According to number of downloads Avant Browser ranked as 10th best web browser.


  1. Rockmelt

7 rocketmelt browser

Rockmelt was Chrome based social media integrated web browser designed specifically for the needs of social media uses. Rockmelt is disconnected its development in 2013 as According to Rockmelt official website “The Rockmelt apps and web product will be shut down on August 31, 2013”. Rockmelt is currently owned by Yahoo!. Final version of Rockmelt 2.2.0 was released on February 9, 2013. Currently Rockmelt is available for Mac OSx and Microsoft Windows. Because of great social media integration Rockmelt ranked as world’s 8th best


3 Spartan browser

Microsoft’s new Spartan Browser comes pre-installed with windows 10. Spartan is a series of web browser developed by Microsoft. Thomas Reardon wrote the code of Internet Explorer for Microsoft Windows at 1995. Microsoft planned to deliver a pre-installed web browser for Microsoft Windows 95 that means default browser for own OS. In 2002 and 2003 Internet Explorer was the most widely used web browser as 95% of all internet users were using Internet Explorer, It was the time when there wass no Chrome and Firefox available in the market. You can say that Spartan is updated version of IE which came with different name


  1. SeaMonkey

8 seamonkey browser_startup

SeaMonkey is a free internet web browser, community-driven developed application. Until the release of version 1.7.13 SeaMonkey was governed by Mozilla Foundation. Currently SeaMonkey Council is responsible for official next releases of browser; members of SeaMonkey Council are KarstenDüsterloh, Philip Chee, Justin Wood, Ian Neal, Neil Rashbrook, Jens Hatlak, Andrew Schultz and Robert Kaiser. SeaMonkey ranked as 8th most downloaded web browser in the world browser


5. Maxthon


Maxthon is a free web browser available for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Maxthon is initially developed by Maxthon Ltd. Maxthon selected as 12th best web browser by Microsoft in 2010 at BrowserChoice. Maxthon is highly customizable web browser, more than 2,000 add-ons are available for Maxthon. Number of downloads makes Maxthon world’s 5th best web browser.


  1. Opera

6 opera browser

Developed by Opera Software ASA a Norweigan software company. Opera was a research project at Telenorm later Opera was taken out by Opera Software. It is considered as most lightweight browser. Opera is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple lapord OSx, Android, and iOS, Symbian, Maemo, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Opera software claimed that over 300 Million people are currently using Opera as web browser. Acoording to W3School 1.8 percent of total web browser users using Opera, hence Opera ranked as world’s 4th best web browser


  1. Safari

4 safari-browser

Safari web browser is developed by Apple Inc. Safari also comes with Mac OSx in buddle in built browser just like EE in the windows OS. First version of Safari released on January 2003 (only for Mac OSx). First version of Safari for Windows released on January 2007. Safari web browser is currently availed on Mac OSx, Microsoft Windows and iOS makes it world’s 3rd best web browser. Currently 3.8 percent of world internet users are using Safari according to

  1. Firefox

2 Firefox browser-techlala.com2 Firefox

Mozilla Firefox widely known as Firefox is open source community developed web browser designed and developed by Mozilla Foundation. Currently over 24 % of internet user are using Firefox. First release of Firefox on 23 September 2002.Millions of addons available for Firefox. Firefox is the world’s leading browser with the number of addons availability. Currently Firefox is available for Windows, Linux,  Android, OS X and Windows Mobile. Firefox comes with Tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, incremental find and spell checking utilities. It comes as by default browser in Ubuntu versions .Firefox ranked as world second best web browser.

  1. Google Chrome

1 chrome browser

A freeware web browser designed and developed by Google. Google Chrome initially released for Microsoft Windows on 2nd September 2008. Right now Chrome is available for Windows, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, iOS and Chrome OS. Google also launched Chrome OS a Linux based dedicated Operating System. In May 2014 over 60 percent of total internet users are using Google Chrome as web browser. Number of extensions, rapid development and largest share among internet browsers makes it world best web browser. Google the internet giant has done it smoothly.

This browser is by default for all the Google’s OS


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