6 basic solutions to be secure with your computer

The world is growing with the internet and electronic devices so everything is transmitting in computer language, binary format and you need to be protected on the internet.

Here are 6 basic solutions that make your windows PC secure at certain level.


1: Firewall:firewall works like an shield, this type of program runs in the background at all time. And controls the traffic between your PC and the rest of the network (and Internet).

Windows comes with an inbuilt firewall, but you should Enable it.

Search for firewall and select Windows Firewall in Control Panel.

In the left pane, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.


1.1 firewall techlala.com

Select the obvious option.

1.2 firewall of windos techlala.com


2: Windows Updates: Make sure that you Update your windows OS regulary to make it secure, because every update contains security updates and also bugs fixes. In Windows 7 or 8 search for windows update and launch Windows Update. Click Change settings in the left pane. Select your desired option and click on “OK”. Make sure that you are using a genuine OS.2 windows updatees techala.com

In Windows 10, search for windows updates and select Windows Updates Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Advanced options. Make sure Automatic (recommended) is selected.

3: Make Two accounts: Separate your account one for work and other. It is not compulsion and recommended solution but it is bit effective .If you’re currently doing everything inside one administrator account, go to Control Panel->User Accounts-> Create a new Administrator account and then change your previous account’s type to Standard. Continue to do your work in your old which is now-standard account.

3 make two accounts techlala.com


4: Update your browsers: Just like Windows update, your browser needs to be up-to-date and secure because that may contain security related fixes.Its always good to update your browser.

Go to your browser’s settings to make sure it is updated regularly.

update your browser techlala.com


5: Encryption:  If your PC is stolen then your expensive information is seen by the thief or a hacker out there. In that case what you will do – simple Put your most sensitive files in an encrypted container.

encryption techlala.com


6: Passwords:Set Strong password everywhere and different passwords for every website on which you log in. Each password must be long, strong, and complex.

Now there may be a question in your mind that “How do you remember them all?”.

It’s is made easy with trusted application called password manager.

password manager techlala.com

Those are 6 basic solutions to be secure with your computer require 15 min to set it.

Do it and be secure.

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